Hip Hop

hip hop

(Ages 6yrs+)

We offer high energy Hip Hop to students 6yrs +  Hip Hop levels are recommended by your instructor. Due to the various ages and abilities, Hip Hop classes can have a variety of ages. We do offer classes by age but in some circumstances you may be asked to go by level.  We pride ourselves on providing a great Hip hop experience.  We expose all students to the history of Hip Hop.  Our teachers provide an education in early styles: Uprock, Breaking (b-boying), Locking, Roboting, Boogaloo and Popping.  All these dance styles are different stylistically.  We teach fad dances.  Hip hop is not studio-derived so we try to keep our classes urban without a formal process. Recommendation: All students should take Jazz or ballet as a secondary art while participating in our hip hop program.  We feel it is very important to take jazz or ballet since we find students that train in another art form tend to develop better in the more advanced leveled Hip Hop classes.