Class Attire

At TC’z Dance Studio, we feel that in order to feel like a dancer, you must look like one!  

Jazz, Tap, Ballet & Pointe students must come dressed in “BALLET ATTIRE”.  This means, a black body suit, ballet pink tights and your hair in a bun.  You may layer clothing on top of your ballet attire, but it must be easy to remove.

All dancers taking Combo classes in Ballet and Jazz must have BOTH pairs of shoes. Black Jazz shoes and Pink Ballet shoes. All dancers will NOT be allowed to dance if they are not wearing proper foot wear. For example:

If you are taking  …

 Dancers must wear black jazz shoes. Any dancer 6yrs of age or older should NOT be in gymnastic slippers. Please purchase black leather jazz shoes.

Dancers must be in black tap shoes. All dancers over the age of 8yrs should NOT be in shinny paten leather tap shoes. You must be in leather black Tap shoes.

Dancers must be in pink Ballet shoes

Hip Hop
Dancers must be in white soled non scuffing running shoes or jazz shoes.

Hawaiian and Acro 
Dancers must have bare feet.

Modern and lyrical
Dancers must be in lyrical thongs.

All dancers must wear a body suit with tights. You can wear any color convertible tights so you can flip them up or down. In order to feel like a dancer you must look like a dancer so please make sure that your children have proper dance wear & foot wear. Dancers may wear ballet skirts or dance shorts over their bodysuit.

Hair MUST be in a pony tail & NO jewlery allowed!